Friday, 9 January 2015

What Does a Jar of Awesome Look Like?

This is my personal jar of Awesome! It makes my heart smile whenever I look at it. And, it was super easy and super fast to make too. I have been wanting to create a jar like this for more than a year when I saw the Happy Memories Jar idea on Pinterest. Why oh why did it take Tamara Laporte’s Life Book assignment to finally give myself the time, space and permission to do it?

Even before I started the jar, I knew I wanted to use the fun and funky feather accessory I got from my sister for Christmas. I started the project with tissue papers collaged onto the jar and lid using gloss gel medium. Because I knew the jar would have feathers, I decided it naturally needed some birds on it and what better excuse to use the adorable IKEA napkins I had purchased a couple years ago for the purpose of collaging. I cut around 3 birds and carefully collaged them to the jar. I painted around the white edges on each bird so it blended in better with it’s surroundings. Then I used acrylics to paint the birds and my black oil-based sharpie paint pen (fine tip) to outline each bird. I attached the feathers to the lid with crazy glue and there you have it. A jar of Awesome!!

I feel like there are times, especially when I am really busy that I don't take enough time to pause and really celebrate and acknowledge the wonderful things happening in my life. Both the things I've made happen as well as the gifts from the Universe!  So, my plan is to use my jar as a way to slow down and acknowledge life’s happy moments and personal victories both big and small. At the end of each month I’ll take them out of the jar and collage them into my art journal as a way to celebrate the awesome memories each month. By the end of the year I'll have 12 personal collages filled with happy memories and accomplishments throughout 2015.

Now, as I wait for my next Life Book assignment, I think I’ll go peruse my “Artsty Stuff to Make” Pinterest board to see what other fun projects I can find! Stay tuned.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Sharing My January 2015 Full Moon Releasing Ritual

I thought I would share with you my releasing ritual I did to correspond with the Full Moon (Jan 4/5, 2015 depending where you live). 
  • First, I lit a candle and burned some sage (one of the oldest and purest methods of cleansing). 
  • I put some water into a small bowl and added a drop of valor essential oil (courage in a bottle).
  • I wrote the things I want to release from my life onto strips of paper with purple non-permanent ink.
  • I read aloud what I had written and then coiled each piece of paper. 
  • Next I put each piece of coiled paper into the water individually and watched as it uncoiled and turned the water a beautiful purple hue as the ink released from the paper.
  • My Beacon of Light presided over the ceremony.

For me, this was a meaningful way to ground myself in what I want to release in a visual and symbolic way. This will help me to physically transform and let go of those things that no longer serve me. 

This quote from Sheryl Paul seemed to fit the occasion so well "When a woman slows down, she drops into the original nature of her womanhood. Lulled on the gentle waves of her inner waters, she finds her essence, her instincts, and she knows all that she needs to know. In these hidden, quieter regions, she allows herself to grieve the ending of an aspect of herself and welcome the new beginning. In this place of deep knowing she realizes that within the frantic search for 'perfect' ... another search is taking place. It is through this second, quieter quest that the true transformation... occurs."

If you haven't done a releasing ritual, I encourage you to try it. There is no right or wrong way; just do what feels right to you.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Beacon of Light

I signed up for Tamara Laporte's Life Book 2015. It started January 1st. The first project was to create a Beacon of Light ... a representation of our guiding light on the journey. This is my Beacon, a being of light and love, always there to support me with unconditional love an understanding. She has always been there and she will continue to be there. Of this I am sure.

My representation of her glows - all shiny and sparkly with lots of gold paint, ink and gold dust and a few iridescent sparkles thrown in for good measure. Her dress is an aged map and her headband has 9 pearls of wisdom. Her main message is "Love and be loved."

I really enjoyed the process of creating her and knowing that thousands of other people all over the world were also creating similar Beacons of Light including two dear friends who are sharing Life Book with me this year Rosann and Dara!

Somewhere along the line, my ego told me that making whimsical art was frivolous. Not so! I want to make more whimsical art because it is FUN! Creating her was also a reminder that when I slow down and take time to pay attention to the shading and little details on faces, or anything for that matter, it really does make a huge difference - thanks Tam! And, that I like painting on paper; mixing watercolors and acrylics. I'm also happy with NOT outlining everything in black like I usually do.

I found this poem by Ron Orcutt that brought me to tears when I read it because it touched my heart with a resounding "YES!"

You are the one that guides me
When I'm lost in the darkness of night
When I'm adrift on a sea of doubt
You are my guiding light

You are the one who hears my voice
When my words are held within
You are the one that calms me
When my world is crashing in

You are the one I talk to
When no one can understand
You are the one that walks with me
You hold my trembling hand

You are the one who sees me
For what I hope to be
You are the one that lifts me up
To be all that I can be.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Adventures on the Road

In September, I travelled to Santa Cruz, California via San Francisco to attend SoulCollage® Facilitator training. It was a fantastic experience spending a few days living, connecting and learning with like-minded people all with a front row seat on the pacific ocean. After the training ended, it was time to make my way back to San Francisco along the Highway 1 coastal route, a drive that had taken me a couple of hours on my way down the coast earlier in the week.

My travel companions for the return trip were two new friends, Cindy and Amy, a mother and daughter, both of them kindred spirits that also attended the training. None of us were in any kind of hurry and we spent the remainder of the day following our whims with a mission to find adventures along the way. And what adventures we had!

Each stop was a unique, full and rich experience in itself. We made stops in Bonny Doon, Davenport, and Half Moon Bay. We took pictures at beaches and walked on forest trails. We were even lucky enough to stumble upon some world class live Blues music at the Highway 1 Brewery. It took us seven memorable hours to arrive in Daly City where Cindy and Amy were staying and I wouldn’t trade the memories made on that road trip for anything in the world. Thinking about it now fills me with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. 

Here I am, testing out a beautiful vintage scarf I found to use for expressive arts workshops at a yard sale in Davenport, California. I love my job! These pictures bring a smile to my face and tears to my eyes because they capture the true and authentic soul-essence of ME. It’s an uninhibited, spontaneous, dramatic, silly, joyful, expressive moment in time and I cherish these photos because they show me a side of myself that isn’t often, if ever, captured in images. The entire day was magical and surreal and not one I will soon forget.


Friday, 5 September 2014

Inspring Video on The Power of Expressive Arts with Seniors

Visible Voices - Through The Looking Glass is one of THE MOST inspiring videos I've seen on Expressive Arts to date. It's 14 minutes long but well worth it. It's by Canadian Expressive Arts Consultant/Educator, Fay Wilkinson from Ontario. It so beautifully shows the process and power of using Expressive Arts. Enjoy it. Made me cry, so you might want to grab a tissue.

Friday, 15 November 2013

3 New Paintings!

I took Flora Bowley's online Bloom True painting course that started September 30. Her process is similar to mine, but I have learned to let go WAY more and push myself WAY more and not be afraid of really building up layers of paint. I've now learned to do completely with paint was I have been able to achieve with collage/paint in the last few years.

I also learned that my heart truly speaks in the language of abstraction. I very much enjoy building up layers of colors, shape and textures. I love the intricate richness that evolves through abstraction. I can look at and marvel at an intricate abstract painting for hours. It speaks to me.

These are the three 30"x30" paintings I completed for the class.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

A Great Day at Clothesline Art Show on August 15th

It was a beauiful venue and a gorgeous day ... there were many wonderful people attending and selling at the Clothesline Art Show at Coast Collective on Sunday.
I sold a couple of pieces (yay!). That makes me smile.

I also received a lot of great comments on my paintings as well. 
Plus, I handed out about 150 brochures for my Intuitive Painting Workshops. 

Here are some pictures to commemorate this memorable day.

Even my dog Chachi had fun hanging out with Jake!

Friday, 13 August 2010

Imagine Art Dripping From Every Tree!!!

... now imagine my art dripping from the trees and scattered about a magical forest, beside  a beautiful blue lagoon.

... imagine watching artists at work ... imagine live music, food, beer and wine, and more on the beautiful grounds of the Coast Collective in Colwood. It's actually happening this Sunday, August 15th from 10am - 4pm ... I hope you can make it.

Photo: Coast Collective website

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Soul Retrieval ~ Part Deux ... the muse had other ideas ...

Title: Soul Retrieval
16x20 acrylics (an other 'stuff') on canvas

Okay, so I thought this painting was finished ... but the muse had other ideas!  Early on in the process, when the large 'peeled back' area emerged in the top right of the painting, I kept sensing that it looked a little like a teapot ... I kept sweeping this idea aside as it seemed silly to have a teapot floating in space at the top of the painting. Besides, it certainly didn't go with my emerging theme of 'Soul Retrieval'!  The symbol of the teapot persisted however, even after I told myself the painting was complete (I even blogged about it earlier today ~ before the teapot). 

After I had blogged about it, I was looking at the painting again and still the teapot image kept persisting. I was actually thinking of ways to change the shape so it looked less like a teapot!  Then suddenly it occured to me when the pose of the figure reminded me of the old singing nursery rhyme "I'm a Little Teapot" ... of course the teapot made perfect sense!!  I sang this song A LOT when I was a little girl and of course 'performed' the actions that went with the song.  In case you're not familiar, it goes like this ...

"I'm a little teapot short and stout.
Here is my handle,
here is my spout.
When I get all steamed up,
hear me shout ...
Just tip me over and pour me out!"

Sooo, I set to work (again).  The basic shape of the teapot was already there; I just blended what wasn't the teapot into the background and added a few little details to give it some personality.  Other additions to the painting were the square black and white "t" shapes pouring out of the teapot and I also added a small square mirror to the bottom right of the canvas and 6 crystals scattered about (a little personal symbolism).

Teapot Symbolism:  I'm releasing "T" which means I will be an empty vessel for what comes next ... I've hung the painting upside down to aid with this transition (I think it still works aesthetically upside down as well!?!)

... I just googled "I'm a Little Teapot" and found a second verse (who knew?!) to the song on Wikipedia ...

"I'm a clever teapot,
yes it's true.
Here let me show you
what I can do.

I can change my handle
and my spout.
Just tip me over and pour me out!"

... seems hanging 'Soul Retrieval' upside down (reversing it) is more appropriate ('clever') than I thought!! lol

Soul Retrieval

Title: Soul Retrieval
16x20 acrylic (and other 'stuff') on canvas

Summer is over and I'm hopefull that Fall will bring happier times.
The past three months have been the most challenging time of my life. I have a lot of changes on the horizon. Because of everything I'm dealing with at the moment, I haven't created any real art since the end of June.  Finally, yesterday, I created 'Soul Retrieval'.This painting represents to me the culmination of "all that".

It is actually a piece that I began last summer.  It was an abstract using foil as collage. Then last Fall I decided I didn't like it so I scraped black acrylic all over the surface.  This past weekend, I white washed a lot of it and then scraped it back in spots. Yesterday, I decided to squeeze some aqua blue directly onto the canvas and that's when things really started to happen ... the surface is quite textured due to the crumpled foil I originally used.  Once I had the aqua blue spread out I decided to take the sanding block and sand the surface back in spots. When I did this, some of the foil started to peel back in places. I helped this along by pulling/peeling back the layers. In some instances it peeled back to a smooth, shiny foil layer and in other instances right down to the bare canvas. I really enjoyed this process ...
it felt like I was revealing something that was precious and determined to be revealed.

It was all very abstract at first and then I painted a band of horizontal black and white stripes near the bottom of the painting. This is where the trouble began ... I was trying to just go with the flow and let the painting develop the way it wanted to, but I struggled quite a while with this now fairly prominent checkerboard pattern I had created that now was threatening to mess everything up!  First, I extended the checkered 'line' downwards (which is now the left arm of the figure).  That just seemed to make things worse!  I kept telling myself to breathe and 'trust the process and don't get discouraged'.  This was HARD. Next, I decided to extend the lines downward to the bottom of the painting, forming what is now the torso of the figure. At first, I thought this shape should become a house.  It felt like a house to me.  But oh wait ... there was the problem of this awkward appendage protruding from the square!  I decided to go with it ... it wanted to be a figure ... I painted the other arm extending upwards. Then I went to my sketchbook to try and work out what the figure would look like.  Here's that sketch ...

I went back to the canvas and painted the figure. I struggled with the decision to give her hair or not.  In the end, as you can see ... bald is beautiful.  In deciding wether or not to give her hair, I thought about my 'Rebirth' painting which also features a bald figure. I asked myself if I was not giving this figure hair because I was scared to paint the hair in fear of messing everything up ... a form of avoidance of course!  I sat with this thought for awhile and then I went and got the 'Rebirth' painting (which coincidentally is the same size canvas) and I placed the two paintings side by side.  That confirmed it.  No hair!  I think the two paintings relate beautifully together.  What do you think?

Suffice it to say that 'Soul Retrieval' is a powerful metaphor for what is happening in my life right now.  Even reading back over what I've written is very revealing to me.  I can recognize levels of meaning as I 'read between the lines'. This is why I LOVE ART!!!!!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

A Mad Hatter's Tea Party ... what a great idea. It was a blast! A magical Sunday afternoon filled with sunshine, silliness, friends, sharing and art. The setting was a beautiful garden in the countryside ... picture it ... we drank exotic teas and noshed on some very tasty treats ... we played poi and took pictures ... we swapped paper dolls ... we shared our latest art journals and projects ... we traded emphera and embellishments and best of all, we created a wonderful piece of mixed up media art together.

Pretty as a picture ... an old frame and an oversized daisy make for great photo props!! Even the dogs Cody and Keiko wanted to join the fun.

Giselle the horse was wondering what on earth we were doing!?

We had some laughs trying to master the art of 'poi'.

Later in the afternoon we rolled up our sleeves and got to work on a collaborative project (below are details of the one painting) ... it was a magical mix of artists and media. Such FUN!

We are truly outstanding in our field!

As the sun was setting, we captured one last memory of a most-memorable day. We'll be keeping our eyes open for that white rabbit ... you just never know when he might show up again to take us all on another artventure. i can't wait!!!!

Monday, 4 May 2009

Rebirth - insights into my creative process

"Rebirth" is a painting that i completed in May, 2007. Somehow, i never did get around to posting it to my blog at the time, although i did upload it to Flickr!
Today, i received a comment on it from GroggyFroggy who found it on Flickr after doing a Google search for "colorful art". i'm thrilled she found it, because i've been contemplating listing it for sale and after finding this comment in my inbox, this little synchronicity just sealed the deal.

In the middle of painting this piece, i began working with Deborah Russell, a Creativity Coach. i enjoyed a few weekly coaching sessions with Deborah by phone and email. At the time, i wrote about the progression of "Rebirth" in my journal. i thought it might be fun to share some of those ramblings now (if you just want to see the final painting ... scroll all the way to the bottom of the post now!). It's a long post, so thanks for reading! LOL! i hope it gives you a sense of how the painting evolved over a period of about two weeks (from middle to end stages) as well as insights into my ideas and feelings behind its creation. The following are excerpts taken from my journal and emails with Deborah, as well as pictures (i wish i had taken more!) of the painting in progress ...
May 15, 2007 - Notes to Self:

Possible Titles: "Take Flight", "Creation"
Actual Progress:a crow and daisies have emerged at the bottom of the canvas
the figure is still there, just beneath the surface, waiting to be painted
Possibilities(?):an upturned face on the figure
mouth open wide
arms/wings reaching for the sky
a black and white striped neck
a clock under/as part of the left arm of the figure
a map in the background behind the figure
" i painted tonight, i was listening to the Chakra Clearing CD by Doreen Virtue. It was inspiring and it felt right. It struck me that the affirmations that are spoken on the CD follow nicely with the feeling i am trying to convey in this painting ..."
"...i spoke to Deborah, my Creativity Coach tonight about my reluctance to paint the figure. i'm aware that it comes from a place of fear because in a previous attempt to paint a figure in another painting, i became so frustrated that i ended up gessoing over the half-formed image as well as other parts of the painting, at which point i felt deep regret! i don't want this painting to meet the same fate, because i already really like the the daisies and the crow. i know there is a figure there! it came to me even before the image of the crow or daisies appeared. Deborah asked me if i had a clear vision in my mind of what the figure looked like. i told her that the arms were impossibly long and up-stretched, as if flying. i could also visualize a curvy neck with black and white stripes ... i explained to her this is all i could imagine and this was the reason for my reluctance to start painting with so little to go on. At this point, i have no vision of what the body might look like or how it would fit in behind the crow ..."

May 22, 2007 email to Creativity Coach (excerpts):
"... i did pursue the figure in my 16x20 canvas. i started by painting the parts i could see in my mind ... the long curving black and white striped-neck and the head. As i continued to paint, i came to realize that i could not percieve a clear picture of what the body looked like because the figure in my painting is not an actual person with a body, it is more of a spirit. The body actually turned out to look something like a feather ..."

"...i am feeling fairly close to being done this painting, however, i struggle a little with the ‘weird’ imagery. i don’t know why because i want to paint in a way that flows from my imagination … to go where the painting wants to go, but … i guess i’m still too worried about the results. i’ve attached a picture of it so you can get a sense of what i have been talking about. i am setting it aside for a little bit, not because i don’t want to finish it. But i feel like i want to start making some progress on the 8x8 canvases and i’m hoping that in doing this, the final inspiration i’m looking for to finish the 16x20 painting will come to me ..."

© Copyright Rachelle Hartley
"... (after looking at the photo again) i’m just not sure i really like it at all. i’m not sure if it can be salvaged. There are parts of it i like, but overall, i’m not satisfied with it. Something is missing, and at this point, i don’t exactly know what that is. i feel there is something more to be developed in the background over the head and underneath the left arm, above the flowers. How do you know if/when you should give up on something that is not working? Or should you struggle with it and find a way to make it work no matter what? ..."

FYI: as it turned out, i never really did put this painting aside to work on the other canvases (as mentioned in my email). Instead, i continued to work on "Rebirth", adding little bits, here and there until is was completely finished - less than a week later.

May 24, 2007 email to Creativity Coach (excerpts):
"Thanks for the great session tonight. i am finding it very beneficial! Like i mentioned, it useful to talk about the painting and my process with someone who understands. i like the questions you ask and it is helping me to ask myself similar questions as i go long. It helps me to keep things moving and it's keeping me in touch with my feelings. When i’m asking questions, the judgmental voice has much less opportunity to voice its opinion ..."
"... i’ve made some progress on the painting tonight and i am pleased with how it is progressing. As i was speaking to you on the phone, i kept seeing swirls under the arm on the left side of the painting. When i got off the phone, i knew that is what i had to paint. i like the result. i painted (the swirls) while sitting in front of my webcam, ‘joining’ in my sister’s baby shower in Calgary. It was great just hearing everybody chattering back and forth and being able to chat and interact with my family as i painted. They asked to see my painting and it delighted me to hear “ooh, that’s cool … love the bird … very colorful” Of course they’re probably biased ‘cause they love me, but i’ll take the positive feedback wherever i can get and be happy with it too! :0 )"
"i've attached the latest progress. i stopped after painting the green swirls. i should have stopped before that - ugh! i don’t like the green swirls, it was better without them. i will need to fix it tonight but i have no more energy or patience to do that ..."

© Copyright Rachelle Baum

New Title: "Rebirth"

May 26, 2007 - Ideas to FINISH the Painting (epiphany):a branch with two fantastical leaves growing out of the top of the head of the figure
a crow flying above the figures head
red and orange flames trying to engulf the crow and the nest
the crow will not leave the nest, because it is protecting an egg (it's creation)
the flames are 'licking' and 'swirling' dangerously close to the flowers
the spririt is rising up like a 'Phoenix', transcending the flames

May 27, 2007 - Stayed up until Midnight to complete Rebirth:
"... i just had to finish the painting. It was already done in my mind, all i had do was paint what i saw. i am thrilled with the outcome. i think it's really cool. The flames are my favorite part. i've never painted (or ever really drawn) flames before. i just kept painting until they looked like the flames i saw in my mind ..."

Final Thoughts:One leaf appears 'sprouting' from the head of the figure. It seemed fitting that it was a "Renewal" leaf (the painting i completed just before i began working on "Rebirth"! I really enjoy painting in this way, rather than in a style that is more realistic because it allows what is in my heart to come out!
Here is what the final painting looks like.

© Copyright Rachelle Hartley
16" x 20" mixed media on canvas
Thanks. For those of you that read all the way to the end - well done! i hope you enjoyed it ~ Rachelle
p.s. Any and all comments greatly welcomed

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Inspiring Videos and "Dryer Girl" Illustration

i love these music videos. The songs and videos are both very different but each of them wonderful in their own right. The common thread ... a bed! The first video, "Her Morning Elegance" is like poetry in motion. The second video, "Sleep on It" is just plain hysterical ... it really cracks me up!! Enjoy ...

p.s., The girl in the first video reminds me of an illustration i did a while back of a red headed girl with hair flying in the wind. These days, red headed girl actually hangs out on my dryer ... it makes doing laundry slightly more interesting. Here's "Dryer Girl"

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Givin' the Ol' Blog a Face Lift

i've been inspired by Somerset Studios Artful Blogging magazine (Feb/Mar/Apr 2009) Edition. i have started giving my blog a little 'pep me up'. So far, the only major change is the blog header. What do you think?

i started my blog back in November 2005, and like so many other 'artful' bloggers, i did it because i wanted to participate in Illustration Friday and the easiest way to do that was to create a blog. Lately, i've noticed that blogs are getting much more creative and customized and i think Artful Blogging magazine can probably take some of the credit for this trend.

My favorite blog from the magazine ... definitely has to be Geninne's Art Blog. i just love everything about it. Her blog is so crisp, colorful and organized, just like her life, judging by her posts! Her artwork is beautiful and she has lots of great ideas. If my blog could end up being half as good as hers, i'd be thrilled beyond measure. Stay Tuned ...

This is what my old Blog Header looked like. What do you think of the new one? i've done something similar for my Etsy Shop as well.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Artwork: In My Heart (original mixed media collage painting)

© Copyright Rachelle Baum

A mixed media piece on 11" x 14" canvas.


It is a layered collage. The support is an 11x14 wrapped canvas. The colorful background is canvas paper that has been collaged to the canvas. The large heart is acetate that has been collaged to the canvas paper ... and last, but certainly not least ... the small heart is made of clay and has been collaged to the acetate heart. i think the outcome is pretty cool. Here is another view (the colors on the photo are not that great, but it gives you and idea of the depth of the painting).

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Starry Nights

© Copyright Rachelle Baum

This is a layered digital piece done in Photoshop. I created most of the artwork by hand first using various mediums. The artwork was then digitized and the layers were created.
This is my version of Van Gough's Starry Nights.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Artwork: Full Bloom

8.5x11" Mixed Media on Board
Copyright Rachelle Baum
This piece was really fun to make and it's fairly small so it went rather quickly. I started out painting a layer of absorbent ground gesso onto the board and then added texture and dimension with a variety of 'things'. After that dried, I began painting with acrylics ... then came the chalk pastels and that's when things really began to happen ... it was very abstract in the beginning and then suddenly I thought "hey, those circular shapes could make great flowers" ... and voila! It's in FULL BLOOM.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Artwork: Luminous

8.5x11" Mixed Media on Transparency Film
© Copyright Rachelle Baum

Last night, I was up late working on this painting. I started experimenting with inks, liquid acrylics and oil pastels on transparency film. This is the *Luminous* result of that experimentation (click on the picture for a larger view). It is even more luminous when you hold it up to the light!! I roughly sketched the outline of the heart onto the transparency using several different colors of oil pastels. Then I used a combination of magenta and gold acrylic inks as well as indigo and burnt sienna drawing inks to blend the colors. I couldn't resist adding some glitter too and a smidge of black fine line marker.
I think I'm going to hang this in my kitchen window.
I can't wait to do more "experimenting" :0 )

My *SWEET* Studio

On the Easter long weekend a couple of weeks ago, I totally organized my studio! It was kind of organized, but I just started and suddenly it was like I could find the perfect spot for everything. I LOVE it. I feel blessed to have such an inspirational *sweet* spot to create in!!

Artwork: Abundance

15x10" Acrylics on Raw Canvas
© Copyright Rachelle Baum

Recently, I attended a two-day weekend workshop on Abstract Painting. One of the coolest techniques I learned was painting with acrylics on raw canvas. I started the painting above during the last hour of the workshop and then proceeded to obsess over it for the next three days until it was completed. To prepare the canvas to accept the paint, water with a little dish detergent added was brushed all over the canvas and then allowed to dry. Next, I began painting with watered down acrylics. First, it was all about the color and blending, then the shapes began to emerge. I developed the shapes further by drawing directly onto the canvas with a white pastel pencil and emphasizing the forms with color and line. The image reminds of a an intense summer afternoon when the sun is blazing and the air is filled with possibilities and *Abundance*

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Artwork: Renewal (original mixed media painting)

12 x 16" Acrylic and Pastel on Canvas

I began this painting just over a year ago. Since that time it has sat dormant. Tonight I was inspired to pick it up once again. It is titled "Renewal", which is appropriate for Spring. The seven boxes represent this year. 2007 is all about change, renewal and re-inventing yourself. I am pleased with the way it has turned out. I hope you like it too. Any and all feedback is appreciated.

Copyright Rachelle Baum

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Illustration: Meet Betty-Jo

copyright Rachelle Baum

Betty-Jo is someone I dreamt up back in 2005. Since then, she has been barely more than a figment of my imagination.
Until today that is ...I finally finished my first drawing of the world according to Betty-Jo.

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Artwork: Maddison

Copyright Rachelle Baum 2007

Let me introduce you to Maddison. She's a real sweetheart and loves to dance!
What do you think of her?
What do you think of this design and layout? Let me know.

Artwork: Oh Canada

Copyright Rachelle Baum 2007

OH CANADA ... and yes, the beaver is a PROUD and NOBLE anmial!

Digital montage created as part of a slideshow for
dears friends from China. They lived in Canada briefly and returned home with
many sweet memories. I incoroporated their favorite colors and beloved maple leaf. It made me proud when they said that they felt there was nothing better than having Canadian friends.

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Cool: Labels Feature

I just figured out the Labels feature. In case you don't know what this is, let me explain:

After each posting, you will notice the words "Labels:". When you post something new, you have the option of adding labels. Labels are like keywords that you choose to describe your post. I have added labels such as "Abstracts", "Acrylic Paintings", etc. Each of these keywords is a link or a 'Label'. If you click on "Acrylic Painting" for instance, the link will take you to all of my artwork that is done in acrylics.

Of course, me being the supreme (okay, some may call it 'obsessive') organizer that I am ... I LOVE this feature!!!

:0 )

Monday, 19 March 2007

Artwork: Coasting

Copyright Rachelle Baum 2007

This abstract is called "Coasting" because for me it conjures up the thrill of riding a roller coaster. The blur of colors and shapes as you spiral at break-neck speeds around the track
... clickety-clack, clickety-clack!

What kind if feeling does it inspire in you?