Wednesday, 7 December 2005

Artwork: Beyond Imagination (giclee prints for sale)

This is the original painting I did last year that inspired my "Blue" Illustration Friday post. I painted it during a class called "Your Creative Soul". It was done entirely without a paintbrush. This course was FANTASTIC and had a huge impact on me. I learned so much about creating for the pure joy of it. I learned to stop judging my work and to just HAVE FUN!

This is the course synopsis for Your Creative Soul
"Recognize and have confidence in your own creative potential. What begins in the art room spills over into the rest of your life. Experience simple and playful methods to inspire your artistic self. Unusual and inexpensive materials are used to remove the fear created by 'masterpiece mind-set'. The 3-hour sessions include creating intuitive paintings from internal images and ideas, the true use of rulers (great paint spreaders and mixers), and music inspired work. All supplies included."


  1. wow! I love this is gorgeous! I want to learn more about the creative process you used to create it!


  2. Thanks Violette. As I said, it was done without any paintbrushes. The medium is tempera paint, which doesn't dry as quickly as acrylics. Instead of paintbrushes, I used my fingers, sponges and rulers for paint coverage then used plastic knives and forks to make some of the textures. Basically, it's a free-for-all. Look around your house for things that look like they could make marks in paint and experiment (ie. toys, string, plastic bags, blocks of wood, etc). As you can see, the colors underneath show through when you drag the plastic knife through the paint. The whole process was loads of fun!

  3. this is phenomenal. one of the most beautiful i've seen in all the illustrations. i love those colours. woah.

  4. Rachelle, Rachelle, Rachelle, where do I start??? I was looking for a place to make an overall comment on all of your artwork but couldn't find a place to do that so I picked my favourite piece to comment under, so here I go....I have always thought that your artwork was fantastic and that you had a true creative spirit, but now seeing what you have posted on this site I am taken aback. Your artwork is EXCEPTIONAL!!! Each piece is amazing and captures your creativity, fun spirit and passion. I am so impressed and proud of you and hope that you feel the same about yourself.
    I love "Emily" and "Beyond Imagination" just blows me away. All I can say is WOW! I can't wait to see more.