Friday, 4 April 2008

Artwork: Abundance

15x10" Acrylics on Raw Canvas
© Copyright Rachelle Baum

Recently, I attended a two-day weekend workshop on Abstract Painting. One of the coolest techniques I learned was painting with acrylics on raw canvas. I started the painting above during the last hour of the workshop and then proceeded to obsess over it for the next three days until it was completed. To prepare the canvas to accept the paint, water with a little dish detergent added was brushed all over the canvas and then allowed to dry. Next, I began painting with watered down acrylics. First, it was all about the color and blending, then the shapes began to emerge. I developed the shapes further by drawing directly onto the canvas with a white pastel pencil and emphasizing the forms with color and line. The image reminds of a an intense summer afternoon when the sun is blazing and the air is filled with possibilities and *Abundance*

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