Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

A Mad Hatter's Tea Party ... what a great idea. It was a blast! A magical Sunday afternoon filled with sunshine, silliness, friends, sharing and art. The setting was a beautiful garden in the countryside ... picture it ... we drank exotic teas and noshed on some very tasty treats ... we played poi and took pictures ... we swapped paper dolls ... we shared our latest art journals and projects ... we traded emphera and embellishments and best of all, we created a wonderful piece of mixed up media art together.

Pretty as a picture ... an old frame and an oversized daisy make for great photo props!! Even the dogs Cody and Keiko wanted to join the fun.

Giselle the horse was wondering what on earth we were doing!?

We had some laughs trying to master the art of 'poi'.

Later in the afternoon we rolled up our sleeves and got to work on a collaborative project (below are details of the one painting) ... it was a magical mix of artists and media. Such FUN!

We are truly outstanding in our field!

As the sun was setting, we captured one last memory of a most-memorable day. We'll be keeping our eyes open for that white rabbit ... you just never know when he might show up again to take us all on another artventure. i can't wait!!!!


  1. What a wonderful write on our fun day. Thanks for being such a willing participant. I loved seeing it though your eyes.


  2. Rachelle; I saw some pics on Pattio's blog of your fun day! How wonderful for all! Great pictures!

  3. What a fun day. I do need to perfect my Long Island Iced Tea though.
    I also need to start working on my blog and in my many many journals.

  4. You and your friends and animals look so happy ^_^

  5. what a great event! A good reminder for me to take the time out of my hectic life, to get together with my friends. It looks nourishing to the soul

  6. Looks like an amazingly fun day!
    You have some beautiful artwork!

  7. Rachel I ahve just found you thru Marylin Rock!! I love your work - Fabulous color!! This post is fantastic- I Adore what you ahve done with your pals with the frams and flower!!!!! Did you know that Tim Burton is putting out a 3-D version Of alice in 2010 with Johnny Dep as the Mad Hatter- the costumes etc and tea pot images are going to be fabulous!!!!!!!!!!

    Loved the tour of your studio!! i should put up pictures of mine so people can see what mess is!!! LOL!!
    Great to meet you!
    I'll be back!

  8. Happy to have found your beautiful art.

    BTW, the phrase "outstanding in our field" always makes me think of this: