Friday, 9 January 2015

What Does a Jar of Awesome Look Like?

This is my personal jar of Awesome! It makes my heart smile whenever I look at it. And, it was super easy and super fast to make too. I have been wanting to create a jar like this for more than a year when I saw the Happy Memories Jar idea on Pinterest. Why oh why did it take Tamara Laporte’s Life Book assignment to finally give myself the time, space and permission to do it?

Even before I started the jar, I knew I wanted to use the fun and funky feather accessory I got from my sister for Christmas. I started the project with tissue papers collaged onto the jar and lid using gloss gel medium. Because I knew the jar would have feathers, I decided it naturally needed some birds on it and what better excuse to use the adorable IKEA napkins I had purchased a couple years ago for the purpose of collaging. I cut around 3 birds and carefully collaged them to the jar. I painted around the white edges on each bird so it blended in better with it’s surroundings. Then I used acrylics to paint the birds and my black oil-based sharpie paint pen (fine tip) to outline each bird. I attached the feathers to the lid with crazy glue and there you have it. A jar of Awesome!!

I feel like there are times, especially when I am really busy that I don't take enough time to pause and really celebrate and acknowledge the wonderful things happening in my life. Both the things I've made happen as well as the gifts from the Universe!  So, my plan is to use my jar as a way to slow down and acknowledge life’s happy moments and personal victories both big and small. At the end of each month I’ll take them out of the jar and collage them into my art journal as a way to celebrate the awesome memories each month. By the end of the year I'll have 12 personal collages filled with happy memories and accomplishments throughout 2015.

Now, as I wait for my next Life Book assignment, I think I’ll go peruse my “Artsty Stuff to Make” Pinterest board to see what other fun projects I can find! Stay tuned.

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