Hi, I’m Rachelle Hartley, Expressive Arts Consultant Educator, Artist and
SoulCollage® Facilitator. I live in beautiful Victoria, BC!
The whole time I was doing my expressive arts training, it felt to me like creative soul-play and I crave this kind of self-expression and connection! The fact that art, music, movement, poetry and creative writing were interwoven throughout the activities made my spirit delight with joy.
As I anticipated what we would be doing next, I realized that I haven’t felt this kind of freedom and excitement since I was a child. It took me back to time spent in elementary school, being guided from one activity to the next … reading, writing, art, music, phys-ed and math too of course - I could have done without the math! Really, I feel like I have done a lot of this kind of spontaneous, creative expression on my own, organically and intuitively most of my life. I know first-hand, the healing power of art. The piece that had been missing was the witness, and by that I mean feeling seen and heard by others on a deeper level.
Adult life and the adult work world can seem so mundane, monotonous and one-dimensional in comparison to the experiential learning of expressive arts. I know deep in my bones that anyone and everyone could benefit hugely from this type of self-exploration and self-expression.  To me, being an Expressive Arts Consultant Educator is about helping people to find and use their creative imaginations in ways that are authentic and transformational.

I am a professional member of IEATA (International Expressive Arts Therapy Association), and as such, I adhere to their Ethical Guidelines as a practitioner of expressive arts.
 I hope you come join me on many creative adventures!