Artist Statement

Creating Art is a Direct Connection to My Soul

To me, the entire painting process is an active (act of) meditation and my mantra is “Color, symbolism and journaling puts me in touch with my truth.”

For me, creating art is quite literally a personal healing treasure hunt. It’s an exciting and unpredictable journey to my heart centre. It has the ability to put me in touch with my own unique, authentic voice in a way that yields tangible results.

Throughout the years, I have created art in different styles and mediums. I have found that for me, the most joyful creative path is through spontaneous, expressive painting and collage. This allows me to tune into my intuition and then get out of my own way and go where the painting wants to go. Being receptive enough to allow this process to happen is a continual balancing act. When I am in the flow however, the results can be visually amazing and personally insightful.

I also find it very useful to journal about paintings as they progress. Not only does this provide inspiration, but is instrumental in helping me to overcome creative blocks. On my blog, you can read about how some of my paintings have progressed and my thought processes and techniques behind them. For me, journaling or blogging as the painting evolves is another way to access deeper levels of self-awareness.

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